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Con Edison Electric and Natural Gas Supply Rates: Available in New York

  • Service area: New York
  • Con Edison emergency phone number: 1-800-752-6633
  • Con Edison is one of numerous New York electric companies, but one that has been supplying New Yorkers with electricity for more than 180 years. This company offers electric utility service to virtually all of New York City and the majority of Westchester County. Con Edison also provides steam service in most of NYC and natural gas service in Manhattan, the Bronx, parts of Queens and Westchester. As a utility, Con Edison is in charge of natural gas, steam and electric utility service and line maintenance. In the event of a power outage, consumers depend on Con Edison to get their service running again.

Learn about deregulation and New York electric companies

The energy industry is deregulated in New York. In regulated areas of the United States, consumers pay their utility companies for both energy transmission and supply. However, a deregulated energy industry means the prices for electricity supply and electric utility service are separate. New York electric companies, such as Con Edison, are in charge of energy transportation and distrubution. They ship energy from generation facilities to homes and businesses. Other companies, called energy services companies, or ESCOs, sell electricity and natural gas plans to New Yorkers. These plans charge for the energy supply.

Compare Just Energy and Con Edison electric rates

In New York, you have the option to pay Con Edison for electric utility service and supply or just for transportion and distribution. Deregulation means you have the freedom to pay an ESCO for your energy supply instead of Con Edison. You can shop ESCOs to try to find prices better than Con Edison electric rates or natural gas rates for supply. During your search, you might also find more desirable customer service options. Just Energy is an ESCO that serves many deregulated areas of the United States and Canada. It offers a variety of electricity and natural gas supply plans. Some plans include the ability to offset the environmental impact of your energy use through Just Energy’s purchase on your behalf of renewable energy credits for electricity and/or carbon offsets for natural gas. Call Just Energy today to compare your Con Edison electric rates for supply with Just Energy's plan offerings. An agent only needs your ZIP code to let you know which energy plans are available for your business or residence.

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