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Michigan Natural Gas

Just Energy offers Michigan consumers a better way to take control of their energy costs and receive their natural gas.

We provide competitive fixed-rate natural gas plans that help residential and business customers plan their budget with confidence and protect themselves from shifting market prices.

The Just Energy difference is that we’re more than just an energy supplier.

We care for the communities and customers we serve. For all of our residential and business natural gas customers, we guarantee the following:

Competitively-priced supply and services.

Superior customer care whenever you need it.
Community support for the regions we serve.

With more than 1.8 million customers across North America we are a trusted and reliable natural gas provider you can count on. In addition to natural gas plans, we also offer electricity supply plans, green energy options, and energy-efficient products to help save energy, cut costs, and reduce your environmental footprint

Compare Gas Plans in Michigan

Natural gas is a convenient and cost-effective energy source, making it an ideal heating choice in Michigan. You shouldn’t have to roll the dice when choosing an energy provider. Consider a fixed-rate natural gas plan you can rely on.

As a Michigan consumer, you are free to purchase energy from a local energy provider like us for both your natural gas and electricity needs. You can purchase your natural gas services from your local regulated rate provider or from any other retailer that operates in your area.

The delivery of your natural gas supply is never affected by your choice of energy supplier. You’ll always continue to receive your natural gas from your local distribution company.

We Support These Michigan Gas Providers

Consumers Energy SEMCO Energy DTE Gas Company Michigan Gas Utilities

Switch Natural Gas Suppliers Without Interruption

We know that switching natural gas providers can seem daunting.Will there be exit fees to pay? How does this affect my service? Will I lose power during the switch?

To make your life easier, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to switch your natural gas provider. All you need to do is notify your previous provider that you’re switching companies. If you’re on a variable-rate, month-to-month plan, it’s an excellent time to switch and lock in a secure, fix-rate plan with Just Energy.

We’ll handle everything else from there.

Select a Natural Gas Plan

Deregulation means that you can make more informed consumer choices and find an energy plan that works best for you. However, when it comes to picking a new natural gas provider, the choices can often feel overwhelming. So how do you choose a natural gas plan that best suits your home or business?

If you want budget security, a fixed-rate natural gas plan is the one for you. If you’d rather gamble on the market price, then try a variable-rate plan.

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Think about how long you want the plan to last. If you’re just starting a new business, a short-term, one-year plan might be the best option. Avoiding lengthy contracts gives you the flexibility you need for business growth. On the other hand, if you’re a permanent resident, our three-year plan might make more sense.

Are you interested in going green? Traditional energy sources contribute a large amount of C02 into the atmosphere, while renewable energy sources can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

At Just Energy, we provide competitively priced renewable energy and plans. So if you’re thinking about switching your Michigan natural gas company, speak to one of our energy advisors to learn more about your options.

Looking for Electricity Plans?

Just Energy isn’t just a natural gas provider. We offer competitive rates on electricity, too. Our wide variety of plan options allow you to save money by bundling your electricity and natural gas.

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How to Renew Your Natural Gas Contract

Is your plan up for renewal? We may have a new plan available in your area that better suits your goals. Be sure to sign up before your plan officially expires to avoid rate instability. Many month-to-month plans are subject to variable rates, so you may pay market rates if you don’t sign up before your plan ends. Enter your zip code in the search field above to see your options.

Why Michigan Energy Deregulation Helps Consumers

Natural gas rates can be unpredictable, making it hard to budget and plan your finances. The good news is that Michigan consumers have the power to choose their natural gas provider and take control of their energy rates.

Just a little while ago, Michigan’s energy market was heavily regulated, and residents had very little choice in their natural gas provider. One supplier had a monopoly over a given region, and if you didn’t like their service or prices, you didn’t have any other options. Fortunately, energy service has been deregulated in the state of Michigan, giving Michigan customers the power to compare natural gas suppliers, choose the energy company that gives them the best deal on natural gas rates, and easily switch energy services.

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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