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Consumers Energy: Michigan Electricity and Natural Gas

  • Service Area for Consumers Energy: Michigan
  • Consumers Energy phone number: 1-800-477-5050

One of the largest combined electric and natural gas utilities in the nation is Consumers Energy. Michigan is home to this utility that serves 6.8 million customers. Consumers power their homes and businesses in 68 Lower Peninsula counties with electricity or natural gas received from Consumers Energy. Michigan customers count on this utility to deliver their energy and maintain power lines and pipes within the Consumers Energy services area. Utilities transmit electricity and transport natural gas from generation facilities to end users in local homes and businesses.

Consumers Energy, Michigan suppliers and rates

The Michigan energy market was opened up to competition in 2002. Customers continue to depend on utilities for transmission, distribution and infrastructure maintenance so if you experience a power outage or see a fallen line, you should call the Consumers Energy phone number. Likewise, if you have a natural gas emergency, call the Consumers Energy phone number. As far as getting energy supply, 10 percent of consumers have the freedom to shop electricity or natural gas suppliers. Unlike utilities, suppliers compete with one another for your business. These companies sell you electricity and natural gas supply. Contact your utility to see if you have the freedom to shop supply prices.

Just Energy is a company that sells electricity and natural gas to millions of consumers throughout North America. Customers in deregulated markets in the United States and Canada, including Michigan, can purchase their energy supply from this retail business. Just Energy offers green energy options along with fixed and variable supply rates.

Two common types of supply rates are variable and fixed. Variable rates reflect the ever-changing supply and demand of the energy market. You could get a low supply rate one month, saving you money on your bill, but it could go up the next month. Fixed supply rates are the opposite of variable rates – fixed rates stay the same each month, which is ideal for consumers who worry about sudden spikes in price. These rates are also helpful when planning a monthly budget. The only change you’ll see on your bill for supply will be caused by increases or decreases in your energy consumption.

If you’d like to compare Just Energy rates with Consumers Energy prices, call Just Energy. A knowledgeable agent will ask for your ZIP code and afterward tell you which energy plans are available in your area. Your agent can also answer any questions you have about fixed or variable energy rates.

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