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The white sand dunes of Lake Michigan, miles of rolling farmland, and the impressive skyline of Indianapolis—forget sweeping statements about Indiana just being another flyover state. With its diversity of landscapes and residents, Indiana is nearly impossible to generalize—but one thing all Indiana residents need across this varied state is affordable energy for their homes and businesses. 

Just Energy can help with that. Offering affordable natural gas rates, personalized service, and Price Protection Plans with a variety of term lengths, Just Energy makes finding affordable natural gas service easy for Indianans.

Whether you’ve just begun your search or are an expert on the Indiana energy market, this page has everything you need to know about the benefits of deregulated energy, how to switch providers, and the extras that make Just Energy the best natural gas provider in the state. 

How Indiana energy deregulation works

Indiana has a deregulated energy market, which empowers consumers. Deregulated markets put the power to choose energy providers in the hands of consumers, rather than large monopolies. Instead of one energy supplier setting rates and standards across the state, Indiana has hundreds.

New to deregulation? Your energy bill will be split into two sections:

1. Energy retailers

Energy retailers purchase energy from power plants and sell it to consumers. You’ll see a charge on your bill from Just Energy for your energy supply.

2. Utilities

Utilities maintain and repair power lines, natural gas pipes, and any equipment that ensures safe energy delivery to your home. Utilities bill you for delivery charges each month.

With deregulated energy, you’ll get two separate charges on your energy bill: one from your utility, and one from your energy retailer. Those charges can also be called delivery and supply charges. 

Switching to Just Energy is easy

Deregulated markets remove the difficulty from switching suppliers. So, if you’ve been unhappy with your current provider for any reason, you can switch in just a few days. Some energy suppliers might lead you to believe the process is complicated and could lead to gaps in service for you, but that’s not the case. 

Follow these steps when you decide you’re ready to switch to Just Energy:

Once you’ve signed up for a Just Energy plan and notified your current supplier of the change, you’re all set. Your meter reports to Just Energy, and we’ll handle any other necessary details to make sure the transfer of services goes smoothly.

Step 1

Call Just Energy and enroll in a new natural gas plan that works better for you.

Step 2

Call your current supplier and let them know you'll be switching to a new provider.

Step 3

Let us take care of the rest.

Learn about commercial energy in Indiana

Small business owners and large corporations combine to make up 13.2% of Indiana’s energy consumption. If you’re shopping for Indiana gas companies that serve commercial customers, Just Energy can help. We’ll tailor a combination of natural gas prices and service to fit your business’ needs.

Affordable rates are just the beginning with Just Energy

Green energy

Did you know that 5% of the energy generated in Indiana is renewable wind power? Just Energy makes renewable energy more accessible to everyone with JustGreen Gas. Add JustGreen to any plan for a small monthly fee, and a portion of your bill will be used to purchase carbon offsets equivalent for up to 100% of your monthly natural gas usage. You'll support carbon pollution reduction projects like landfill gas capture systems and reforestation projects. Call for more information.

Fixed rates

When you shop for natural gas plans, you might notice both variable and fixed-rate energy plans. Variable-rate plans sometimes feature enticing low rates, but those rates are subject to change at any time during your contract. Just Energy Price Protection natural gas plans make budgeting your energy costs easier. At the start of your contract, you’ll get an affordable energy rate that stays consistent throughout your contract.

Switch anytime

We know that life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so if at any point during your contract your needs change, just give us a call. An energy advisor will work with you to find a new plan that better fits your needs at no extra cost.

Need to report a leak or emergency?

If you notice any of the following around your home, you may have a gas leak: 

  • An odor reminiscent of sulfur or rotten eggs 

  • Disturbed soil, frozen patches of ground in warm areas, discolored or dead plants

  • A hissing sound or loud roar

  • Physical symptoms like nausea or dizziness

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, leave the building immediately and contact your local distribution company.

Citizens Energy Group - (317) 924-3311
Indiana Natural Gas Corporation - 800-777-0659
Midwest Natural Gas Corporation - 877-817-3119
Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) - 800-634-3524
Sycamore Gas Company - 877-544-2726
Vectren - 800-227-1376

Customer Service:1-888-995-9299

You want options — we’ve got them

Talk to one of our friendly energy experts today to get the right plan for you.

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