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Nicor Gas: Illinois Natural Gas Service

  • Nicor Gas service area: Northern Illinois
  • Nicor Gas phone number: 1-888-642-6748

Northern Illinois Gas was formed in 1954, but changed its name in 1997 to Nicor Gas. Illinois residents depend on this utility today to deliver natural gas to their homes and businesses. Nicor Gas has more than 2.2 million customers and the Nicor Gas service area extends throughout 656 communities. About 129,000 of these customers are commercial and industrial. These clients and the company’s 34,037 miles of gas mains and pipelines make Nicor Gas the biggest natural gas distributor in northern Illinois.

If you live in the Nicor Gas service area, this utility sends you your natural gas. Nicor Gas in Illinois makes sure its gas pipelines run smoothly and that gas is successfully delivered to end users. You should call the Nicor Gas phone number if you experience a service outage or suspect a gas leak.

Learn about Nicor Gas, Illinois suppliers and your freedom to choose

In some U.S. states, consumers are required to pay their utility for both natural gas delivery and the natural gas itself. However in Illinois, these two services are separate. Residents have the freedom to choose to buy their natural gas supply from different companies called suppliers. These companies compete with one another for your business and offer a variety of supply rates and energy plans.

If you are unhappy with your Nicor Gas rates on supply or simply want to see what else is available on the market, shop natural gas prices with Just Energy. This supplier operates through North America and has almost 2 million customers in the United States and Canada. Just Energy has multiple energy supply plans that you can compare to your Nicor Gas rates for supply.

If you receive service from Nicor Gas in Illinois, Just Energy plans offer two types of supply rates: variable and fixed. Variable rates might change on a monthly basis and reflect variances in market supply and demand. If you normally pay Nicor Gas rates for your supply, you can also choose fixed rates. These prices don’t change for the entire duration of your Just Energy contract.

Compare Just Energy and Nicor Gas rates on supply now

Call Just Energy to compare Just Energy supply rates with Nicor Gas rates on supply. A knowledgeable representative can answer any questions you have about prices. You just need your ZIP code to learn which energy plans are available in your neighborhood.

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