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ComEd Electric Service: Available in Chicago, Illinois

  • ComEd electric utility area served: Northern Illinois
  • ComEd power outage phone number: 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661)

Commonwealth Edison, more commonly known in Chicago as ComEd, is an electric utility serving 3.8 million customers in Northern Illinois. Commonwealth Edison was formed in 1907. Over the past 100 years, Commonwealth Edison grew from one of Thomas Edison's small local companies into the modern-day ComEd. ComEd electric utility is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. It is different in that it does not own power plants or produce electricity. It is simply an energy delivery company that manages more than 90,000 miles of power lines. 

Although ComEd Chicago is the largest market served, ComEd's service territory extends much farther. It's bordered to the south by Iroquois County, to the north by the Wisconsin state line, Iowa to the west and Indiana to the east. ComEd electric service reaches 70 percent of the population of Illinois.

Learn about electric choice in Illinois

Illinois electricity customers serviced by ComEd can choose their electric supplier. The power to choose an electric supplier gives customers more control over the electric rates they pay. Customers who shop around for an electric supplier may be able to find a lower rate than what they get through the utility or through participation in a municipal aggregation program.

ComEd Chicago customers are under a municipal aggregation program. This means that the local government shops and chooses the electric supplier for the people. If individuals want to shop on their own, they may do so by opting out of the municipal aggregation program.

In the event of a ComEd power outage, customers should report it to the utility. Whether Chicago electricity customers participate in the municipal aggregation program or opt out and shop for their own electric supplier, the utility is still responsible for repairing a ComEd power outage and delivering electricity.

Compare ComEd electric rates to other suppliers

When comparing ComEd electric rates on supply, keep in mind the different types of supply plans available. Stable-rate supply plans offer a stable rate, but the plans often have a longer commitment. Variable-rate supply plans may be lower initially, but the rate is subject to change with market fluctuations.

If you're ready to opt out of the Chicago municipal aggregation, you can find competitive alternatives to your ComEd electric rates on supply. Just enter your ZIP code at or call today.

Illinois Net Metering for ComEd customers

If you are a residential or commercial customer who owns or operates an eligible renewable electric generator of up to 2,000 kW that generates electricity for your own use, you may qualify for Net Metering. An eligible renewable electric generator is one that is located on your premises and is powered by solar electric energy (e.g. photovoltaic), wind, dedicated crops grown for electricity generation, anaerobic digestion of livestock or food processing waste, fuel cells or microturbines powered by renewable fuels, or hydroelectric energy.

If ComEd is your electric supplier, you must contact ComEd to apply for Net Metering.

Net Metering electricity customers in ComEd service territory can receive their electricity supply from a Retail Electric Supplier (RES) like Just Energy.

If Just Energy is your electricity supplier you must contact Just Energy to apply for Net Metering.

Start by completing the form at this link and send the form to Just Energy by fax 1.888.548.7690, mail P.O. Box 2210, Buffalo, New York 14240-2210 or email Just Energy will review your form and if you qualify Just Energy will forward to ComEd. ComEd will get in touch with you to get you set up on a Net Metering Contract.

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