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California Electricity

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California Electricity Rates

Tired of opening electric bills that are just plain shocking? It might be time to switch plans. Whether you're a business or a homeowner, Just Energy offers a variety of California electric rates that will help you stay within your budget.

Our fixed-rate plans will remain the same month after month, so you won't have to play the guessing game when it comes to paying your next electricity bill. Get the comfort, convenience, and control you deserve when you choose Just Energy.

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Breaking Down Your California Electricity Bill

Electricity can vary depending on a number of factors. Electricity is charged by kWh (kilowatt hours) and the more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be. Try reducing your usage if you find that your bill is getting out of hand. Look to your air conditioner first; it's the biggest energy consumer in most homes and businesses. One of Just Energy's fixed-rate plans will help you avoid the hassle of dissecting your bill each month to find answers. With the same price every month, you can stick to your budget.

Take Control of Your California Electricity Rates

Are you a residential or commercial customer in California? Are you tired of unpredictable energy prices? Just Energy has competitive, fixed-rate electricity plans that can help you manage your osts and take control of your monthly energy bill. Sign up for a new plan to manage your budget with confidence and protect your home or business from unpredictable market prices.

With Just Energy, you can lock in a fixed-rate electricity plan for up to five years. That means your electricity price is guaranteed for the length of your contract. You can sign up for free and cancel anytime by contacting us directly.

Choose a Plan That Works for You

Just Energy's fixed-rate California electric plans guarantee secure, competitive rates for up to five years. We have several options to choose from with different term lengths to better suit your needs. To view our California electricity plans, simply enter your zip code into the search field above to see our offerings for your area.

Can't decide? Call our customer care line to speak with an energy expert to find a plan that works for you.

Why Choose Just Energy?

Just Energy proudly serves California residents and almost 2 million households throughout North America. With nearly two decades of competitive energy supply expertise, you can count on us to bring you convenient energy plans at cost-effective prices. When you decide to go with us, you benefit from our other offerings, too.

  • We offer up to 100% renewable green energy options with JustGreen
  • We give you the choice of fixed rates, secure prices, and term lengths.
  • We are committed to offering you competitive prices.
  • We provide exceptional service without interruption to your electricity supply.

Over the years, we've expanded our services and range of products. We're more than just an energy provider. In addition to our great rates on electricity, we also offer loyalty rewards, a dedicated customer srvice team, and energy-efficient products to make your life easier and help you save more on your energy bill.

Why the California Energy Market Is Deregulated

Not that long ago, all utilities were operated as monopolies. One utility provider covered an entire region, and their customers had no other options if they needed energy. Fortunately, the California energy market has been deregulated.

Giving you more choice, the deregulation of California electricity splits your service into two distinct parts—supply and delivery. This allows you to shop around for a new electricity supplier while keeping the same utility company for delivery and maintenance, ultimately empowering you to find better rates and plans.

What are the benefits? Deregulation allows customers to shop around for a California electricity provider that fits their budget and energy needs. It means you can find a local electricity provider with products that better serve you—and you can switch from one provider to another without interruption or complications to your service. Don’t get stuck with an energy plan that isn’t working for you. Switch to an electric plan with Just Energy with a rate you can afford.

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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