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British Columbia Electricity

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British Columbia Electricity Rates

Just Energy provides British Columbia residents with several options for electricity plans. We offer secured-rate supply plans that protect your rates for up to 5 years.

No matter which plan you choose, you also have the option to add JustGreen to your bill, offsetting your usage and supporting sustainable energy in Canada. Help us build a cleaner, greener future for everyone by offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions!

Breaking Down Your British Columbia Electricity Bill

Your electricity bill is split into two parts—supply and delivery. When you join Just Energy, you keep the same utility company who delivers electricity to your property. Your supply will simply switch to us and the fixed rate you pay Just Energy each month will be specified on your bill.

Switch Energy Suppliers Without Interruption

We know that switching electric suppliers can seem like a daunting process. Will I be without power? Is there a fee to pay?

But don’t worry! Just Energy has made switching providers as simple as possible for British Columbia residents. In fact, there are just 3 simple steps you need to take:

Compare our British Columbia electric rates.
Find an electric plan that suits you.
Inform your current energy supplier that you’re switching.

We’ll take care of everything else! We deal directly with your current utility and supplier so that you won’t experience any interruptions to your service. If you’re on an expensive month-to-month plan, it’s an excellent time to switch and lock in a secure, fixed-rate plan, hassle-free!

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How to Set Up Your Electricity Service When You Move in British Columbia

If you’re moving to British Columbia and want to set up Just Energy as your electric supplier, the process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is find a plan that suits you, and sign up for it, or call in to tell us your selection! We’ll then change over the property’s current provider to Just Energy to ensure a seamless switch. You’ll start being billed at one of our excellent fixed-rates once your contract begins.

Already a Just Energy customer? Let’s get your plan moved to your new address! All you need to do is give us notice of your move 45 days in advance. We’ll ask for a few details such as the new address and meter readings. After that, we’ll handle everything else so that you’re never without power.

Does Your British Columbia Energy Provider Require a Security Deposit?

Just like you, we want to avoid security deposits as much as possible, and in some cases, qualified customers may not need to put a deposit down. However, if you do not meet certain metrics, we may ask that you pay a deposit as a guarantee. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak with our customer care team.

How to Renew Your Energy Contract

If you’re a Just Energy customer coming to the end of your electricity contract with us, we’ll send you a reminder 30 days before your end date. In this letter or email (depending upon your selected contact preference), we’ll give you an outline of the rates and plans available to you. Do be aware that your rate may go up or down depending on how the wholesale energy market is performing.

Looking for Natural Gas Plans?

Just Energy isn’t just an electricity provider. We offer competitive rates on natural gas, too. Our wide variety of plan options allow you to save money by bundling your electricity and natural gas.

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Why the British Columbia Energy Market Is Deregulated

In the past, the energy market in British Columbia was regulated which meant that utility companies controlled the whole supply and delivery of energy throughout the state. As a consumer, you couldn’t choose your energy supplier and were bound to the utility in your local area.

This monopoly meant that utilities could charge whatever they liked, leaving you with no choice to pay what they asked. Legislation was then passed that deregulated the market and separated British Columbia energy services into two parts—supply and delivery. Now the power is back in your hands, and BC residents can choose from a range of energy suppliers, benefitting from alternative prices, plans, and other perks.

Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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