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The Energy Industry In Alberta—A Primer

Did you know that you can switch your Alberta energy company?

Benefit from:

More competition

More energy plans to choose from

More renewable energy options

You may have noticed there are a lot of energy companies in Alberta. That’s because Alberta energy companies—like Just Energy—operate differently from public utilities in the rest of Canada due to local energy laws and oversight from the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Before full energy deregulation in 2001, Alberta’s energy sector consisted of a handful of government-contracted providers. Limited competition led to higher electricity and natural gas rates, and little incentive to foster energy efficiency or generate renewable energy.

Since energy deregulation, lots of new energy companies have opened shop in Alberta. Now, instead of government-controlled electricity and natural gas rates like in the rest of Canada, Alberta consumers have a lot more choice. Albertans benefit from increased renewable-energy options and energy efficiency programs, among other improvements.

Alberta Gas and Electricity Service from Just Energy

Given that there are so many energy companies in Alberta, you may be asking yourself, “What makes Just Energy right for me?” One way to find out for yourself is by seeing if a custom plan from Just Energy suits your specific needs. You may be surprised—in a lot of cases we can get you cheaper gas and electricity, increase your energy savings, and provide better customer service. Check out our energy plans and services below to see if Just Energy is right for your Alberta home.

Alberta Energy Plans

Just Energy Delivers

Add Renewable Energy to Any Plan for $5/mo

Move away from consuming non-renewable resources produced in facilities like coal-fired plants that emit greenhouse gases and cause climate change. For only $5 a month, we purchase renewable-energy credits or carbon offsets on your behalf, which go toward the development of future energy projects all over Canada that utilize solar panels, wind turbines, and more.

Why wait? Get more out of your Alberta energy plan today.

Alberta Electricity Rates

Your electric bill should never be a guessing game. Get Alberta energy without fluctuating prices when you choose a Just Energy plan that meets your energy needs and budget.

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Alberta Natural Gas Plans

For a complete energy plan that covers all the bases, Just Energy offers natural gas plans for Alberta residents. Reducing carbon emissions and maintaining a greener home, Just Energy JustGreen Gas plans that support a cleaner environment. Complete your energy plan with a natural gas rate that’s convenient for you.

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Report an Emergency or Outage

If you’re currently experiencing a power outage, gas leak, or a power-related emergency, you can report it directly with Just Energy.

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