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These industries may seem complex so our learning center provides resources for you to better understand each industry. Whether you live in a deregulated or regulated area, it’s important to understand these commodities, where they come from, why rates change and how they’re delivered to you.



Wondering what deregulation is and why it’s important? Learn how deregulation leads to competitive rates and how it affects you.

price volatility

Price Volatility

Many factors impact your energy rates including location, supply and competition. Learn more about what causes price changes in the energy market.

electricity rates

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates are subject to change for a number of reasons. Learn which factors play a role in electricity price changes.

natural gas rates

Natural Gas Rates

The natural gas market can experience shifts in prices. Understand why prices increase and decrease and in which circumstances this could affect you.

electricity generation

Electricity Generation

Electricity is a resource we can’t live without but do you know how it’s generated or where it comes from? Find out more about the resource responsible for powering your life.

natural gas delivery

Natural Gas Delivery

Do you know where your natural gas supply comes from and how it’s delivered to your home or business? Learn more about the supply that heats and cools your house.

green energy

Prices & Products

Learn more about the differences between the plan options in your area.


Glossary of Terms

A dictionary full of energy-related terms and explanations.

prices products

Preparing for Cold Weather

Seasonal bill shock can be eliminated by taking control of your energy consumption and making a few changes to your home.

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