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How is my electricity rate determined?

If you are currently using less than 250,000 kWh of electricity per year, or are otherwise considered to be a "designated" consumer, then you are eligible for the Regulated Price Plan ("RPP"). Under the RPP, customers pay for electricity under a tiered pricing structure that may vary every 6 months. If you are not eligible for the RPP, then you are paying the cost of electricity, calculated on a monthly basis as determined by the Independent Electricity System Operator. Click below for the OEB's definition of a "designated consumer". OEB Designated Customer

Will I receive a bill from Just Energy?

No, you will continue to be billed by your utility for natural gas, the only difference will be that you will see Just Energy listed as your supplier and our toll-free phone number will appear on your bill. Click below for an example of where Just Energy charges could appear on your energy bills.
BC Sample Bill | Ontario Sample Bill

Why do I see a "TDU Surcharge" On My Bill?

The TDU Surcharge is a delivery charge that your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU) bills for delivering power to your home reliably. These charges are authorized by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Will my bill come directly from Just Energy?

In most cases, Just Energy does not bill separately from your utility for electricity or natural gas. Just Energy's charges will appear as a separate line item on your utility bill. Only customers in Texas, Georgia, California, and Alberta receive their bill directly from Just Energy.

Is Just Energy charging me for my supply only?

Your contract with Just Energy covers your electricity and/or natural gas supply costs and JustGreen if you choose to enroll. If you choose to enroll in additional contracts, such as an ecobee payment plan, you may see these charges on your bill as well.

If your electricity and/or natural gas bill does not come directly from Just Energy, but from your local utility provider, you’ll receive a separate bill for your additional product contract from Just Energy.

It depends on your plan. Some contracts may include supply only. With other products, the cost of JustGreen will be included in your commodity price. You will continue to remain responsible for the following utility charges: regulated delivery, transmission, transportation and supplemental gas.

If you are a natural gas customer, in addition to your natural gas supply, Just Energy also charges you a variable transportation charge. Depending on the program you are on, additional Just Energy charges for JustGreen and other administrative charges may also apply. If you are an electricity customer, depending on the program you are on, additional charges for JustGreen and administration may apply. Refer to your Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Are there additional fees that my utility may be charging me?

In general, utility companies charge for energy distribution, transmission, and delivery. To learn more about what other fees they may apply, you should contact your utility company directly.

There is no switching fee, however, your Just Energy rate for supply will not include the related charges, taxes and other amounts charged by your utility. These may include charges relating to transmission, delivery, uplift, congestion, and service charges.

Whether Just Energy provides your natural gas supply or not, you will still be responsible to the utility for taxes, delivery, transportation, mid-stream cost recovery and other costs billed by your utility.

All natural gas customers, regardless of if they are with a retailer or the utility will be subject to the following utility charges: taxes, transmission, delivery debt retirement, uplift, congestion, storage and other service related charges. All electricity customers, regardless of if they are with a retailer or the utility will be subject to the following utility charges: regulated delivery, regulatory, debt retirement and other service related charges. As always, all electricity customers remain entitled to/bound by the Global Adjustment.

What is "budget billing"? How do I sign up for it?

Budget billing means that you pay a set amount each month for the bill. Typically, the company will look at the amount you spent last year and then add a percentage to it, to cover the cost of inflation and divide the amount over 12 months. You can contact your local utility to see if it offers budget billing in your area.

If you have service in Texas, you can sign up for budget billing directly with Just Energy. Contact customer service for more information.

Illinois customers can enroll in budget billing—Just Energy accounts for this option in the commodity portion of your utility bill.

New York customers can enroll in budget billing. Your local utility company will handle this service if you elect to enroll.

Does Just Energy offer "budget billing"? Or a similar payment plan?

Just Energy does not offer budget billing at this time, however 'Equal Billing' may be offered through your utility. Check with your local utility provider to see if they offer equal-billing to their energy distribution customers.

We offer budget-billing to our Alberta customers. Call us at 1-866-926-3227 to enroll in budget billing.

What are the benefits of making payments using a Pre-authorized Debit Plan?

With our Pre-Authorized Debit plan, there is no need to fuss with envelopes or stamps to pay your energy bills. Our program ensures that your payment will always arrive on time Ð even when you're away. It's the fastest and safest way to pay your bill. Call our contact centre (1-866-587-8674) to enroll your account on this plan.

What is a "smart meter"?

A smart meter automatically tracks how much electricity your home uses and when it is used. This information appears on your monthly energy bills.

Do I have any options to avoid time-of-use pricing?

If you wish to avoid On-Peak and Mid-Peak rates, you should consider alternative plans from Just Energy. Please call us at 1-866-926-3227 to discuss your other plan options.

What is the "electricity/natural gas Use At A Glance Chart" On My Statement Of Account?

It reflects historical usage linked with the sites. This information is obtained from your local utility.

How can I find my current account balance or see my current bill?

Please contact your local utility regarding inquiries relevant to your current account balance. For information concerning your energy supply price, please contact Just Energy directly.

How do I consolidate my account?

Please call our customer service number at 1-866-587-8674 to see if account consolidation requirements are met and we will process this request.

Why the GST amount on my SOA does not add up?

The GST amount on front/first page includes the sum of all GST charges on both gas and electricity charges as well as combines the admin fee. Whereas pages 2/3/4 shows GST charges on separate line items on subtotal of gas and electricity charges.

How much will I be charged If I end my contract early?

The amount varies depending on your supply plan and contract length. Contact Just Energy for more details on cancellation fees.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my bill?

Refer to your plan’s Terms and Conditions to learn more about your contract. If you live in Texas, most questions regarding your bill can be answered simply by logging in to your Just Energy online account. You can also sign in to the Just Energy Advisor app to check your current account status, billing history, current charges, and other details.

Need to speak a customer care agent directly? Call 1-866-587-8674 to speak with someone who can help you with your account.

If you live in Alberta, most questions regarding your bill can be answered simply by logging in to your Just Energy online account.

If you have any other questions regarding the commodity supply portion of your bill, please contact Just Energy using any of the following methods:

Phone: 1-866-587-8674

Please contact your local utility for questions relating to all other charges on your bill.

Where and how do I pay my energy bill?

You will receive your bill and can render payment directly with Just Energy. Consult your bill for payment options or check out our Payments page for more information.

Just Energy does not bill separately from your utility bill in most states and territories, it is simply listed as your supplier. Contact your utility to determine what methods can be used to pay your bill.

Contact your utility to determine what methods can be used to pay your bill.

Does Just Energy use a collection agency?

We do our best to work with our customers to settle outstanding balances. However, if the balance remains unpaid for too long (length of time may vary by state, province, or territory) we may work with a collection agency to settle balances for commodity supplies and exit fees.

Yes, like most major companies, Just Energy does use a collection agency when necessary.

Is there a late fee if I don't pay my bill on time?

If your energy bill comes from your local utility company, contact them for more information regarding late payments.

For customers with service in Texas and Georgia, late fees are applied on the 17th day of the month. Your bill date is the 1st and payment is due on the 16th day of the month. For Texas customers, your late fee is 5% of the past due amount.

California customers incur a late fee of 1.5% of the total past due amount.

If my service has been disconnected for non-payment but I pay my balance, can I have my service reconnected?

Just Energy will not, nor does it have the ability to, disconnect your electricity service. If you have been disconnected, contact your utility.

Please note: we charge a disconnection notice fee when the notice is generated on the 20th day (bill date is the 1st, due date is the 16th).

California customers do not incur a disconnect notice fee.

Will I be charged a penalty for disconnection?

Please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

Contact your local utility to determine any disconnection penalties that may apply.

What is Just Energy's mailing address for exit fees or documentation?

If you are sending us payment by mail, please send it to:

Just Energy,
P.O. Box 2210,
Buffalo, NY

What are some types of energy plans offered by retailers?

Typically, energy retailers offer price protected plans (allowing you to secure your commodity supply rate for a set period of time) and variable-rate plans (where the commodity supply rate would change with the changes in market prices for a set period of time). Learn more about the benefits and why you would be interested in one plan over the other.

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