Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear what our customers are saying

With a strong focus to deliver the best in products and service to our customers, we aspire to be the gold standard in retail energy delivering stability, value and innovation to every customer relationship. Here's what some of our customers are saying:

  • "Lynette was overwhelming great at what she does and she was very compassionate. She is such a valuable and a wonderful asset to the company. Very well spoken and she went above and beyond with her Customer Service. She is the reason that I remained with Just Energy she is a wonderful human being" Gary C.
  • "Why didn't I switch to Just Energy a long time ago? Really! My electric bill has been 1/3rd of what I was paying with TXU Energy for the past three months. Thank you Just Energy for saving me over $200 a month on electricity!" Darrell C.
  • "Hello, I was recently approached by one of your salesmen here in Edmonton, and ended up signing with your company. I have nothing but great things to say about the rep who came to see me (Tyrone). He was unbelievably courteous, knowledgeable and attentive, and I would like to have that on the record." Angela T.
  • "I just want to say I am so happy with Just Energy and I love your customer service and if all companies could have friendly staff like you guys, the world would be a much better place. Thank you!" Kimberly S.
  • "Thank you for taking care of our account, awesome customerservice." Christina M.
  • "I have your service, and it is amazing. We went from a $400/month bill to a $160 so thank you!" Jessica K.
  • "We would like to thank Just Energy for the weekly reminder that is sent out to us. We switched energy companies a few months ago and we are very happy with your service and communications your company has given our family!!!! This is a 5 star compliment. Please share with your team and upper management!!!! …Just an FYI, our bill has been cut in half. I will definitely spread the word....GOOD JOB TEAM." Jannie H.
  • "I actually can't say enough good things about just energy. You have TXU beat!" James P.
  • "JE is always helpful." Jean B.
  • "You guys always do well and I always have good luck when I call you." Rasim D.
  • "Good, very good service, thank you." Tory D.
  • "I like your services and that's why I signed up again." Alana E.
  • "You guys were fantastic, I have no problems. You have done a great job answering my questions." Josee N.
  • "You guys have saved me the most money." Sabrina E.
  • "As a company you seem to be very proactive and I am going to stand by my notion and stay with you guys for another 5years!" Mike A.
  • "The first time I called in customer service was excellent!" Brenda R.
  • "Customer service is good and I'm happy with the gas and electricity services." Willma L.
  • "I just started and to be honest I like your company, I enjoy your services. So far anyone I have dealt with from your company has been on a very professional basis. You do what you can to reach out and make the customer happy, and I really appreciate that and there should be more companies like that." Shannon B.
  • "I love getting my bills via email and I am able to go online to make my payments" Helen P.
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great service. I had been trying to get a hold of Just Energy via the number on the website for days. Needless to say I was extremely frustrated. Once I figured I could also contact you via email I received a call back within minutes from a Manager…(Giovanny)…I also received a call from Tiana, who was extremely nice and very thorough during the call. I felt well taken care of. Thank you both! Keep up the good work!" Marta M.
  • "The program is saving me a lot of money, so that's what I like about it the most so far." Moonilal G.
  • "Your services have been great. I like that I have gas and electricity on one bill. Great customer service." Rhonda P.
  • "Migrated to this company from Extraenergy who are charlatans and thieves. Only been with them for 3 months and because I never gave a meter reading, I got an estimated one. Normally when an energy company estimates, it is WILDLY over estimated. This morning, I read my meter and was gobsmacked!!! The estimate was EXACTLY the same as the reading!!!!! I can't believe I have actually discovered a moral and ethical energy supplier.." Pam T., Green Star Energy Customer
  • "Best energy company I've been with so far. I joined due to their ethical policy on sourcing but it turns out they saved me an estimated 422 for the term of the contract too." Ramzann A., Green Star Energy Customer
  • "Great to find an energy company that cares. Well done." Lyn J., Green Star Energy Customer
  • "I'm happy with JE as my provider, as the customer service is very good." Brenda R.
  • "Tired of high energy bills? Consider switching to Just Energy.. I have been using them for about 6 months and have no complaints." Mark L.
  • "You guys are a lot better to deal with and your rates are absolutely reasonable!" Terrance K.
  • "I believe their commitment to personal service is one of the reasons why Tara Energy has been so successful." Toni A. (1st Tara Energy customer since 2002)
  • "In love with my new WiFi programmable thermostat I got today from Just Energy…they came at 11am and by 2pm the rep was back at my door to hook up my free thermostat. This thing is the coolest. I can remotely control it from my phone or laptop, I can see the weather on my thermostat, how cool is that? AND it shows me indoor and outdoor temps as well as humidity…pretty cool considering I had an old fashioned dial thermostat. Thanks Just Energy!" Trace B.
  • "Very impressed with @GreenStar_UK so far - accounts set up, online account activated. Only switched Saturday, bye bye Bungling Gas...." Andy S.
  • "I received a call from Jalani this morning and everything was sorted out. He is a great customer service manager and I appreciate him straightening things out for me. His service helped me decide to stay with Just Energy when I was definitely ready to leave. Thank you again Jalani." Carolyn C.
  • "Selected GreenStar_UK as my new energy provider. Lovely sales team and very competitive." Sarah
  • "Great customer service by GreenStar_UK. So glad we switched over from British Gas." Kabir
  • "Big thanks to Just Energy Group for being so quick to action. I'm glad there are companies out there that still care." Terri F.
  • "I've used Just Energy in the past and I'm using them again. I really appreciate the way they conduct their business…" Mei L.
  • "I just received a phone call from your representative in Ontario. He advised me that he had taken action to reverse the Exit Charges and my account was reinstated. So everything has been resolved with a $25 credit to my account for the next 3 months. Thank you very much for your quick response. I am very pleased." Don S
  • "I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great service. I had been trying to get a hold of Just Energy via the number on the website for days. Needless to say I was extremely frustrated. Once I figured I could also contact you via email I received a call back within minutes from a manager, unfortunately I neglected to get the right spelling of his name (but it sounded like Jalani) I apologize if I didn't get that right. I also received a call from Tianna, who was extremely nice and very thorough during the call. I felt well taken care of. Thank you both! Keep up the good work!" Marta Mora
  • "I just got off the phone with a most informative & pleasant Spanish lady customer service agent who went to great lengths to answer ALL my questions related to my bill where I live in Kitchener, and I have been a customer nearly 5 years. Just Energy is by far, so far, one of the most competitive pricing and the REAL crooks are the locally monopolized Hydro companies that mislead the public into staying with them for higher rates. I am glad at least my supply rate is less than 1/2 of the current local rate of 0.08 effective May 1st. I will be renewing at the great wholesale deregulated prices offered by Just Energy for another 5 years when my contract comes up for renewal shortly." Kaiwan M.
  • "I'm pleased to say that Brent from Customer Service was delightful to deal with, and an excellent representation of what the service industry should be. Thank you Brent." Melissa S.
  • "I've been with Just Energy for a couple of years now. I've had great service and am very pleased with my rates. Have definitely recommended them to others!" Shelly B.
  • "Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE receiving the weekly usage chart! It helps me to see where I stand and where I can improve. I am on disability, so every penny helps! Thank you TARA ENERGY!" Cheryl F., Tara Energy Customer
  • "We too have been with Just Energy for many many years. Very happy with our rates and my monthly bill. Much cheaper than I had before!!!" Darlene G.
  • "I think the service is really good. I was with a competitor and you were lower in rate, my friend was with the competitor and her rate was much higher." Chennelle J.
  • "I am grateful to Just Energy for the assistance they provided."Jevon A.
  • "I commend the [Customer Service Rep] for doing his job. He said he would look into the problem and call back. He did, and that was refreshing." Robert S.
  • "This refers to my various correspondences forwarded to your office via telephone & in person at your office on 4th February, 2015 & subsequent correspondences from your office on 4th February, 2015 & 6th February, 2015 respectively.
    (I) had the privilege to be taken care of by a few of your "outstanding" staff members (namely Susanne, Emily & Jalani). These individuals took it upon their own initiative to follow suit to solve my case.
    Susanne…with patience took the time without a rush, to listen to my case. She clearly understood the situation & completely assured me that the matter was taken care of immediately… She was great & took immediate action without wasting any time. She was patient & such a lovely person to talk to.
    Emily welcomed my husband & I with such a warm hello, making us feel important & attended to our situation "pronto". She wasted no time & contacted one of the Managers to come out to see us. She truly made us feel at home!
    Jalani took the time to personally come out from his office to meet with us in person. Between subsequent correspondences between us, his continual assurance showed us that he is an asset a strong-minded individual, who has the potential to lead his team to exceed their expectations.
    Within these couple of days in contact with your offices, it honestly also surprised me how both Emily & Jalani had such a good memory as they remembered me by my name without any reminder of my situation. These three individuals have proven to show such a successful high standard of professionalism, having provided me with such exceptional and outstanding personal performance….They show enthusiasm, listen & connect personally with your customers."
    Annetta V., Mississauga, ON
  • "I received great service over the phone and no surprises after signing up. The products and program are simple and easy to understand. I would recommend Just Energy for their low administration fees, combined commodity billing and easy to read bills. I had a great experience and they were very easy to deal with." Teresa
  • "Everything that was said to me at the time of the sale is exactly what I got, no surprises. It's nice to have my heat and power on the same bill. I'm also pleased with the consistent billing and price stability and recommend Just Energy for budget purposes. Customer service is prompt and professional." Tammy
  • "Just Energy is the best energy provider in Edmonton, hands down! I like the green energy option. They were helpful with my concerns, informative and I enjoyed the experience." Natasha
  • "Just Energy's service is very good and friendly. I recommend their power program. There were no surprises after signing up." Dallas
  • "I would recommend Just Energy for their Friendly and hassle free service. My experience was better than expected - friendly and attentive, short hold times and good customer service." Nicole
  • "I just had to comment that this afternoon a rep from your company came to my door. He was very polite and informative and was just a pleasure all around. Usually I cringe when the different energy people come, but [he] was just great. thanks for the politeness, respect and professionalism!" Wendy L.
  • "I just renewed my contract with Amigo and I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service rep. First off, she was an absolute pleasure on the phone. In addition, she understood my usage patterns and recommended a plan that fit. What I was so impressed with was her ability to compare different plans (essentials vs. a plan that credits after 1000Kw) that aren't very easy to compare and recommend the correct plan. It felt very personal. It's rare to have great customer service. I'm very impressed. Her name was Karla." John R.