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The ecobee smart thermostat delivers unparalleled convenience and control for your home.

You can set the temperature right from your smartphone and Amazon Alexa, get notified when your heating and cooling system need maintenance. 

The ecobee makes it simple to stay comfortable while also being efficient. It uses a simple app on your smartphone and advanced control logic that takes into account outdoor temperature, your home’s characteristics, and many other factors.

Get comfortable with the wi-fi enabled smart thermostat



Personalize the comfort of your home with control right from your smartphone and Amazon Alexa.



Balance comfort and efficiency in your home with advanced technology that puts you control from ecobee


Peace of mind

Know that you’ll be notified when your heating and cooling system need maintenance.

Control your home comfort with the ecobee mobile app. Adjust your temperature, check in with specific rooms, and arrange your schedule and settings – whether you're at home or on the go.

The new ecobee4 features:

  • Smart Automation. Connect with Apple Home, Samsung Smartthings, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa.  The ecobee4 has an Amazon Alexa microphone and speaker built right in. ecobee also supports optional geofencing so your thermostat can know when you’re on the way home and get the temperature just right.
  • Remote Sensors. Deliver the preferred temperature to the rooms you use, not only the room where the thermostat is.

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