Your Eco-Friendly Fourth of July

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard: What’s red, white, blue and green all over? Why, it’s someone celebrating the Fourth of July in an eco-friendly fashion.

Traditionally, July 4th means summer fun and celebrations with your friends and family, but with all the fireworks, trash, barbecues and long-distance travel, it also can spell disaster for the environment. Let’s take a look at the top environmental hazards you may run into this Independence Day and consider the ecological improvements you can make instead.

Travel: If your Independence Day bash isn’t around the corner, cut down on your car’s emissions with a few of these easy solutions, such as filling up your tires, reducing your speed, packing lightly and carpooling. You’ll save money on gas, lighten traffic and shrink your carbon footprint.

Decorations: When decorating for the holiday, utilize materials that you can repurpose, such as fabric bunting, cloth ribbons and flags. Avoid paper and plastic products as much as possible and review what’s already in your house that can pull double duty as party décor.  We love these playing cards, bandanas and festive flower baskets.

Barbecue: The barbecue grill holds an esteemed and revered place at 4th of July festivities. This year, don’t let smoky, greenhouse gas-emitting grills and pounds of traditionally raised meat distract from your get-together. Keep your grill green and your food items on the sustainable side with these tips.

Fireworks: It’s difficult to close out the holiday without some sort of shining spectacle. Unfortunately, traditional fireworks are a serious pollutant, containing harmful chemicals that threaten healthy air and water. Cut down on the fossil fuel expenditures and head to a community fireworks presentation rather than stockpiling the backyard with your own store bought stuff.

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Happy Fourth of July!


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