Why Buy A Hybrid?

As the cost of gasoline continues to fluctuate and the benefits of opting for an energy efficient vehicle are touted at every turn, more and more car owners are opting for fuel-efficient or hybrid cars. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you may be asking yourself: is it worth it to buy hybrid?

What is a Hybrid?

Hybrid cars combine two or more sources of power in order to improve fuel-efficiency. The most common type of hybrid vehicle on the market today is the electric-gasoline hybrid automobile.

While the actual price of a hybrid may be higher than a gas-only vehicle, it is possible that the fuel savings will eventually make up for any difference in initial cost.  Obviously, the amount you save on fuel depends on the fluctuating price of oil and gasoline. One way to expedite these savings is to practice good, fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as adhering to highway speed limits and limiting your use of air conditioning.

Environmental Impact
If the chance for potential savings doesn’t persuade you to buy a hybrid, consider the environmental impact of hybrid vs. gas-only cars. On average, compact hybrid vehicles produce 10% less smog-producing emissions than gas-only cars. Keep in mind that the larger the hybrid (such as mid-size cars or SUVs), the greater the difference in emissions between the hybrid and gas-only.

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