Tips for Preparing Yourself and Your Home for Hurricane Sandy

With the monster ‘Frankenstorm’ bearing down on the U.S. East Coast and parts of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, forecasters and emergency assistance agencies are urging people to prepare for power outages with a 72-hour supply of essential items, including food, water and medicine. According to the U.S. National Weather Service, this rare “super storm” could be the largest in history to hit the U.S. mainland! Depending on where you live, residents can expect to experience power outages, heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, or snow. Those in the path of the storm are advised to take the following steps to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation:

  • Keep a 72-hour supply of water on hand for your family, and don’t forget your pet(s). Store two liters of drinking water and two liters of water for washing per person, per day.
  • Store at least a three day supply of non-perishable food for each person in your family.
  • Ensure you have a manual can opener handy.
  • Keep handy a battery-operated flashlight and radio with extra batteries.
  • Prepare a first aid kit.
  • Be sure to have special needs items on hand including medications, baby formula and diapers, and equipment for people with disabilities.
  • An extra set of keys for your house and car should be easily accessible.
  • For insurance considerations, be sure to move items to higher ground if your basement has a history of flooding.
  • Secure your outdoor patio furniture or anything that may fly into your neighbor’s home and cause damage or injury.

For more information on the storm itself, visit the U.S. National Hurricane Center site. You can also refer to the Canadian Red Cross site for more on what to do to prepare for an emergency.





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