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Stephanie Evans

The Future of Alternative Energy

Let’s face it:  We live in a world of high energy consumption. Every day, we’re making meals, heating and air conditioning our homes, we’re driving to and from work, checking our phones, showering, and even using power to get and stay fit. All this energy use leads to a growing carbon footprint, unless that power…

Stephanie Evans

Innovations in Wind Energy

Rows of spinning wind turbines make for seriously Instagrammable photo ops when driving down the highway. More importantly, they produce seriously clean energy just from the whirl of their blades. Turning readily available wind into electricity was wonderfully innovative, however the breakthroughs in the field of wind energy continue to inspire awe. One Spanish company…

Stephanie Evans

Wind Power: The Speed of Woosh

Have you ever walked outside and felt like the wind was going to literally blow you away? If you’ve ever experienced this, you know the force and power behind that natural resource called wind. Wind power is easily harnessed and converted to both electric and mechanical energy. The use of wind power dates back to the ninth century, when…