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Stephanie Evans

Spring Cleaning – Recycle and Sell

Go on…you can tell us.  Are you Type-A, tidy and organized? Or do you keep Every. Single. Thing. thinking that one day it will come in handy?  Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle? All it takes is a quick once-over of your surroundings (office, closets, kitchen cabinets, playrooms, garage, etc.) and you’ll likely notice…

Stephanie Evans

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

So…it’s spring!!  And if you happened to follow the tips on our blog from last week, you’re thinking about a little spring cleaning (or maybe you’ve just checked that off your list!). If you’ve gone through all the closets and cupboards in your home and discovered that it’s time to lighten your load, we have…

Stephanie Evans

Tips for Simplifying and De-Cluttering This Spring

Heavy coats and sweaters – you’re out!  Boots, gloves and mittens, mud, dirty tracks through the house – they’re all a thing of the past! Spring is finally upon us!  Longer days, sunshine, gentle breezes, flowers, and…oh yeah, cleaning. This year, let’s do more than just dust those old picture frames, let’s aim to simplify…