Hut Hut! Your Guide to a Green Tailgate

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No, it’s not Christmas time—it’s football season! Time to don your favorite team’s jersey, dust off your pom poms and pack up those yummy tailgating treats for a pre-gridiron gathering! And just like your team that’s working harder to get to the playoffs (place your bets…

Planning Ahead to Celebrate Canada the Green Way

  It’s almost that time of year…those days in summer when Canadians pull out the stops to celebrate the unification of their provinces into one very large, very diverse, very beautiful country.  Even with all the celebrations, Canada Day shouldn’t spell disaster for the environment! Canada Day festivities – including all of the fireworks, barbecues…

Green Mother’s Day Gift Guide


It’s that time of year.  That day we honor and lavish love and attention on the one person in our lives who has likely shown up for everything – from carrying us for 9 months and enduring many  sleepless nights to sorting out the tiniest details in each and every birthday party, managing homework chaos, fine tuning our weddings and later, taking care of our children as if they were her own. This Sunday is the day to show mom (and aunties, grandmas and mother in laws) how much you adore her and give back a little of the love she has shown those around her. Make this Mother’s Day even more special by giving back to our other mother: Mother Nature.

For the Wine-Loving Mom

Made from recycled wine bottles, these stemless wine glasses come from a sustainable source and will look great at your mom’s next dinner party or cocktail get-together.

While you’re in the vino mode, treat your mom to a case of eco-friendly wines that have been organically grown, produced efficiently in organic vineyards or sustainably farmed. Read on about this brand that instantly became more eco-friendly by simply changing the shape of its bottle.

For the Bubble-Bathing Mom

Skip the throw-away flowers and shower mom with this this “bouquet” of shampoos, soaps, lotions and bubbles – all made from natural ingredients, safe synthetics and no animal products.

Give your mom something yummy to wrap herself in after getting out of the tub, such as this velour robe, made from soft organic cotton. Better yet, have it delivered to her via CarbonFree shipping, using minimal packaging made from recycled materials.  Also note that any unavoidable emissions will be offset by supporting renewable energy through

For the Garden-Tending Mom

If your mom can only dream of having a beautiful, outdoor garden, help her set up an eco-friendly indoor garden with Growbottle. Made from re-purposed wine bottles, these innovative products (which also come with starter seeds) will allow mom to grow herbs and micro-greens inside the house.

We think your mom will love marking her seedlings and sprouts with these reclaimed wood garden spikes.

Whatever you decide for the moms in your life, this Mother’s Day, remember to make it all about them, their likes and interests. It’s mom’s day to be queen!

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Eco-Friendly Garden Activities for Kids


Are you looking for ways to get your kids out of the house and into nature?  As parents, that seems to be a universal goal.

If you’d like to have your children spend more time outdoors – in the fresh, spring air – why not organize some fun, eco-friendly projects for them to do in the garden? When children spend time gardening with their parents, grandparents or siblings, it helps their communication skills, builds strong relationships and shows them a thing or two about working toward a common goal. Plus, from an early age, it teaches them the importance of eco-systems and preserving and protecting the environment.

For a simple project, start by saving the eggshells from breakfast tomorrow morning and create some eggshell seed starters with your kids. There’s no need to run off to the store to purchase a seed starting kit when eggshells will work perfectly.  Eggshells make it easy to transplant seeds to soil, plus, eggshells are a good source of calcium carbonate (which all plants need to grow) and they’ll keep slugs from eating the seedlings.

Not sure what seeds to start? We recommend a vegetable garden, as it is a great way to get your kids excited about spending time outdoors and serving fresh vegetables from your garden also provides the perfect opportunity to get children on a healthy eating path early in life. The little ones will love planting seedlings, using a watering can and (most of all) digging in the dirt. Plus, nothing will make them more excited than seeing their seedlings sprout after only a short waiting period (veggies tend to germinate quickly and can be eaten once mature).

While your kids are waiting to see the fruits (or vegetables, in this case) of their labor, create some very cute garden markers to remind your little ones (and you) where everything was planted. Or, try this eco-friendly option, recycling old wire hangers and the lids to tin cans.

You can also teach your kids about the important role certain animals play in the garden, like birds who help pollinate the pretty flowers they’ve helped to plant. Grab an empty milk or juice carton you plan on recycling and create a bird feeder to attract some beautiful feathered friends.

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Children And Vegetable Gardens: How To Make A Vegetable Garden For Kids

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