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Kids Go Green! Environmental Education For the Younger Set

Posted on April 17, 2017 by

You’re doing what you can to be a sustainable, world citizen, to leave this planet a better place for future generations. All this effort, however, falls short if you’re not teaching said future generations conservation, environmental protection and how they, too, can make an impact. It might be difficult for small children to grasp concepts […]

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Spring Cleaning – Recycle and Sell

Posted on March 20, 2017 by

Go on…you can tell us.  Are you Type-A, tidy and organized? Or do you keep Every. Single. Thing. thinking that one day it will come in handy?  Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle? All it takes is a quick once-over of your surroundings (office, closets, kitchen cabinets, playrooms, garage, etc.) and you’ll likely notice […]

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Eco-Friendly Fashion – Time To Up Your Game

Posted on July 15, 2016 by

Does “eco-friendly” describe you? You’re likely particular about the organic vegetables from your neighborhood farmer’s market.  You might not stand for anything less than fair-trade, responsibly-grown beans for your morning cup o’ joe.  It’s probable you insist on driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.  Do some or all of these attributes describe you? If so, […]

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Tips for Taking the Thrift Store by Storm

Posted on February 26, 2016 by

Thrift shopping isn’t for the faint of heart.  It requires tenacity, dedication, time and LUCK.  But mostly luck.  The good news:  there are a host of reasons why you need to embrace the thrift shop, second-hand, consignment shop experience.  In these shops, you’ll likely score unique finds at very low prices, many stores support worthy […]

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Hut Hut! Your Guide to a Green Tailgate

Posted on September 4, 2015 by

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No, it’s not Christmas time—it’s football season! Time to don your favorite team’s jersey, dust off your pom poms and pack up those yummy tailgating treats for a pre-gridiron gathering! And just like your team that’s working harder to get to the playoffs (place your bets […]

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Nature-Inspired Home Decor

Posted on July 24, 2015 by

Looking for some home décor inspiration? Look no further than Mother Nature, who delivers endless ideas for incorporating natural elements into your domestic life. Here are a few of our favorite ways to bring the outdoors inside, creating a happier, greener home.   Reclaimed Wood Floors: They’re recycled and sustainable  – and those are just […]

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