Victoria Day: Easy on the Earth, Easy on Your Wallet

Just as Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer for Americans, Victoria Day is a notice to Canadians to kick off their winter boots and settle in for the warmer months. Many will choose to spend the long weekend … Continue reading

Need Energy? Spray It On With New Spray-On Solar Technology

Imagine a world where you never have to remember to charge your cellphone.  Imagine living in a home that is powered by a reliable, consistent, affordable, alternative energy source. Scientist Jillian Buriak and her team of researchers from the University of Alberta … Continue reading

Going Green: A Lesson For Kids

Healthy habits start early. Cliché as it is, in the case of environmental awareness, the familiar saying rings true! Do you live a green lifestyle? Teaching your kids about living green can help encourage future green efforts for generations to … Continue reading