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Stephanie Evans

Green Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  It’s that time of year.  That day we honor and lavish love and attention on the one person in our lives who has likely shown up for everything – from carrying us for 9 months and enduring many  sleepless nights to sorting out the tiniest details in each and every birthday party, managing homework…

Stephanie Evans

Eco-Friendly Garden Activities for Kids

  Are you looking for ways to get your kids out of the house and into nature?  As parents, that seems to be a universal goal. If you’d like to have your children spend more time outdoors – in the fresh, spring air – why not organize some fun, eco-friendly projects for them to do…

Stephanie Evans

Educate them Early: Green Learning Opportunities for Kids

“Where on earth did my child learn that?”  If you’re a parent, it sounds like something you said…um…yesterday?? It’s not until later, when you catch yourself saying/doing the exact same thing, that the influence behind your child’s new habit becomes apparent. They learned it from you! Make sure that your kids are emulating the right…