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Stephanie Evans

Eco-Friendly Fashion – Time To Up Your Game

Does “eco-friendly” describe you? You’re likely particular about the organic vegetables from your neighborhood farmer’s market.  You might not stand for anything less than fair-trade, responsibly-grown beans for your morning cup o’ joe.  It’s probable you insist on driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.  Do some or all of these attributes describe you? If so,…

Stephanie Evans

Tips for Simplifying and De-Cluttering This Spring

Heavy coats and sweaters – you’re out!  Boots, gloves and mittens, mud, dirty tracks through the house – they’re all a thing of the past! Spring is finally upon us!  Longer days, sunshine, gentle breezes, flowers, and…oh yeah, cleaning. This year, let’s do more than just dust those old picture frames, let’s aim to simplify…

Stephanie Evans

Tips for Taking the Thrift Store by Storm

Thrift shopping isn’t for the faint of heart.  It requires tenacity, dedication, time and LUCK.  But mostly luck.  The good news:  there are a host of reasons why you need to embrace the thrift shop, second-hand, consignment shop experience.  In these shops, you’ll likely score unique finds at very low prices, many stores support worthy…