Six Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

If you’ve jumped on the recycling bandwagon (and, for the sake of reducing your carbon footprint, we hope you have!), you’re probably well versed in the different types of metals, plastics and paper that are recyclable.

Recycling doesn’t begin and end by tossing your soda cans in the blue bin, however! Below, find a list of recyclable materials and products that you might not have known about:

Appliances: A number of thrift stores and Goodwill locations will accept used appliances, as long as they are in decent and working condition.

Batteries: Don’t throw out your single-use batteries! There are a number of companies that provide mail-in or take-back programs for disposing of and recycling used batteries, or your local Household Hazardous Waste facility will typically accept them.

Cell phones: Have you just made the upgrade to the latest, trendiest smart phone? Search online to find a mail-in or drop-off address/location for your used cell.

Computers: There are numerous programs that will refurbish/donate your computer to those in need or recycle your old laptop/PC. For computers that are beyond repair, check out this helpful site on donating used electronics.

Tennis shoes: Yup, that’s right. Even your old sneakers can be recycled! Check out this program that turns used tennis shoes into athletic/playground flooring.

Paint: Did your latest home improvement project leave you with a garage full of half-empty paint cans? Latex-based paint is actually recyclable! Do a quick Google search to find a recycled paint retailer near you, or swing by your local Household Hazardous Waste facility.



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