Silky, Clean, Shampoo-Free Hair

It’s full of chemicals, pollutes our lakes and oceans, drains your bank account, and yet you probably use it every single day! This dangerous monster is none other than shampoo!

Okay, so maybe shampoo isn’t a monster, but a lot more happens when you wash your hair than simply cleaning your tresses and scalp. Many shampoos, even some baby shampoos, contain dangerous chemicals such as carcinogens, pesticides and hormone disrupters. These chemicals, which remove the healthy oils your scalp naturally creates to protect infection, are then more easily absorbed by your skin.

So if you’re ready to toss your store-bought shampoo habit but not ready to walk around with dirty hair, we’ve found a few DIY, at-home, all-natural recipes for making organic, eco-friendly, scalp-friendly shampoos.

1.  Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses: This blogger tried lots of what she calls “no ‘poo” concoctions to wean her scalp off shampoo. What she came up with was a specific, two-step process of a baking soda and water application, followed by an apple cider vinegar and water rinse. She says she spends far less on hair care, doesn’t need to shampoo nearly as often as before, and her shower is cleaner, as most traditional shampoos leave soap scum in their wake.

2. Lemon Cucumber Combination: You already know how effective lemons are for naturally cleaning your home. Now take those properties, plus its refreshing scent mixed with the sweet smell of cucumber, for a super shampoo substitute. Peel a lemon and a cucumber and blend together in a food processor. Apply it just like a shampoo and rinse extra well. You’ll have clean, deliciously scented, all-natural locks!

3. Coconut Milk and Essential Oils: If you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious shower experience, take a look at what this green DIY-er did. By combining coconut milk, Castille Soap and essential oils, she came up with an organic alternative to lathering, rinsing and repeating.

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