Santa’s Carbon Footprint – Naughty or Nice?

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the North Pole, carbon emissions were taking a gigantic toll! We all have a carbon footprint…even St. Nick himself! So what’s the big guy’s impact on the environment?

When we factor in the sleigh, reindeer, toys, toy production, factory, coal (for everyone on the “naughty list”), wrapping paper, and milk/cookies, Santa’s carbon footprint is a pretty shocking figure. Sources calculate the total number somewhere upwards of 69 million metric tons of carbon emissions! Yikes!

Let’s give Santa a hand with his carbon footprint this year. Staying on the “nice list” will cut down on the coal, and using recycled gift wrap/alternatives to traditional wrapping paper makes a difference, too. Make the push for recycled toys and gifts, and we’re well on the way towards a green(er) Christmas!

So what’s on Santa’s wish list this year? The latest, top of the line hybrid sleigh, of course! Switching to hybrid should help Santa significantly offset carbon emissions. After all, it takes a lot of reindeer-power to fuel a trip around the globe!  And maybe you’re thinking about making the switch to hybrid this holiday season, too? Stay tuned for our future updates; we’ll be covering the benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Give the gift of green this year by carbon offsetting! So, what are carbon offsets and how do they work? Learn more, here.

Here’s wishing carbon neutrality to all, and to all a good night!



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