The ecobee Smart Thermostat: Saving Energy and Saving You Money on Energy Bills

“Set it and forget it.”  We love this idea! Especially as it applies to home thermostats. Like most of us, you likely go back and forth to the thermostat in your home – trying to get the temperature just right. … Continue reading

The Future of Alternative Energy

Let’s face it:  We live in a world of high energy consumption. Every day, we’re making meals, heating and air conditioning our homes, we’re driving to and from work, checking our phones, showering, and even using power to get and … Continue reading

Restoring the Balance: An Introduction to TerraPass

Global Warming. Climate Change.  We all know the buzzwords and many of us are working to minimize our environmental impact and live cleaner, greener lives. But what about the unavoidable actions we take on a regular basis (flying in airplanes, … Continue reading