Eco-Friendly Dating – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just two days away, and we know what you’re thinking: Uh oh. The biggest date night of the year can be daunting for those of you who are trying to impress the perfect gift or date, especially … Continue reading

Green Alternatives to Product Packaging Overload

Packaging. We’re drowning in it. Take a moment to think about the garbage you’ve thrown away this week; everything from single-serving crackers to the plastic packaging around tech gadgets (why do they make those things IMPOSSIBLE to open, anyway?!). It … Continue reading

How Can You Make a Difference in 2013: Eco Friendly Lifestyle Choices

It’s 2013, and one of your resolutions is to dedicate yourself to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Hooray! The planet is already thanking you. An eco-friendly lifestyle goes beyond simply recycling, or even driving a hybrid car. Below, find a list … Continue reading

Work From Home? How Your At-Home Office Impacts Your Carbon Footprint

Have you noticed that the stereotypical “nine-to-five” workday is becoming increasingly rare? Chances are, you have a few friends or acquaintances who telecommute or work from home. Due to the Internet, technological advances, and increased methods of wireless communication, telecommuting … Continue reading