Green your Halloween with Non-Toxic, DIY Makeup Hacks


If you’re thinking about some great Halloween makeup ideas to coordinate with your costumes, be sure to keep the spooky, toxic ingredients out of the mix. Many face paint packs found on store shelves contain dangerous chemicals, such as lead, nickel, cobalt and/or chromium, which can pose serious health risks.

Your best bet is to costume yourself and your little ones in disguises that don’t cover the face (even masks contain not-so-super chemicals that bode poorly for your health and the environment).  But if your Halloween attire does require some facial decoration, there are several simple recipes out there for organic, non-toxic face paint. Here are a few combinations for green, DIY Halloween makeup that only bring treats, no tricks.

Basic Face Paint: For all-natural makeup, mix together a half teaspoon of organic diaper rash ointment or cold cream, a teaspoon of organic corn starch, a half teaspoon of water and one or two drops of organic food coloring.

Wounds and Warts: Using store-bought makeup full of toxins may cause your skin to breakout in some not so pretty bumps and blemishes, even after you’ve washed it all off. Add artificial imperfections to your face only on October 31 and do so with a mixture of gelatin, boiling water and maybe some red food coloring (for a bloody effect!), following this mom’s tips for eco-friendly, non-toxic, faux facial flaws.

Colorful Hair Streaks: Skip the wig (which inevitably ends up in a landfill) made of plastic, non-biodegradable material, and grab a few sticks of chalk pastels to streak your hair this Halloween. Hair chalking is generally non-toxic and certainly inexpensive, and is certain to be a staple among the chemical-free, costumed-set this year. Here are some tips for getting the best look.

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