Go Green, Get Fit in 2013

Does “losing the last ten pounds” top your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year? The resolutions of getting healthy, losing weight, or generally becoming more physically fit are common goals for many. Looking for a green fitness routine? Check out our top tips!


A healthy lifestyle includes taking advantage of one of our planet’s greatest resources: good old H2O! Make sure that your fitness efforts are as carbon neutral as they are healthy, and purchase a re-usable water bottle/water filter to cut down on plastic bottle waste.

The Look:

A chic gym wardrobe can be excellent motivation for actually making it to the gym! Conduct some research on the many fitness apparel brands that adhere to a green or eco-friendly mantra and mission.

Equipment & Gear:

For your home gym, consider equipment that does not use electricity, such as a bicycle trainer, a workout bench, free weights, jump ropes, etc.

Exercise is a wonderful excuse to get outdoors and out in nature. Whether walking, hiking, running, or playing outdoor sports, pledge to spend some of your workout time outside!

Is “reducing your carbon footprint” another goal on your list of resolutions for the New Year? Be sure to check out our suggestions for going green in 2013 (will link once posted), as well as our suggestions for carbon offsetting and reducing carbon emissions.



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