Eco-Friendly Winter Destinations

Is a winter holiday calling your name?  What a great way to kick-start the New Year: an eco-friendly vacation the whole family will enjoy! Below, find our green getaway guide for the frigid, winter months.

Embrace the Chill

Avid skiers and snowboarders often attest to the connection they feel with the mountains, and nature in general, while hitting the slopes. It’s true that a snow-capped mountain peak is breathtakingly beautiful! When planning your winter trip, be sure that the resort/destination you’ll be visiting is working to preserve those beautiful slopes and the surrounding environment.

The Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition lists their top ten (and worst) environmentally friendly ski resorts: This is a great guide for anyone who wants to “ski green.”

Escape the Cold

Do ten-degree temperatures sound less than appealing? Many travelers choose to de-frost during their vacations, making warm-weather eco-destinations from Costa Rica to New Zealand (after all, it’s summer at the other end of the Earth) popular during the frigid January-March months. A quick Google search produces a number of resorts, tours, and destinations that strive for carbon neutrality.

While cruising sometimes takes the heat for polluting, there are a number of cruise lines that work hard at “sustainable at sea” cruising options and reducing their carbon emissions.

Whether you’ll be taking on the ‘teen temps this season or opting for the “beach and daiquiris” route, we wish you fun and eco-friendly travels and bonus points for reducing your carbon footprint!



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