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Mike Strayer

The NFL Uses LEDs and Natural Lighting, So Should You

You may have seen it. One-third of America did. Wasn’t it beautiful? US Bank Stadium. Net-Zero energy. 100% Offsets with renewable energy credits. Leading the sports industry in a state of the art eco-friendly infrastructure. This billion dollar sports venue with ETFE roof and LED sports lighting earned LEED-Gold certification has impressed sports fans nationwide.…

Stephanie Evans

Natural Remedies to Beat the Flu

You know the routine: Temperatures drop, air gets dryer, you spend more time indoors, sharing more and more time in the same enclosed space with your family, colleagues, classmates and friends. Your world effectively becomes a breeding ground for illness. Hopefully, you’ll skate through the holiday season cold free, but in case you come down…

Stephanie Evans

All Natural? Organic? Fair Trade? A Primer on Eco-Sounding Words and Terms

  “Organic,” “fair trade,” and “all-natural,” are just a few of the latest buzz words swarming around everything you’re eating, drinking, wearing and breathing. But what do these terms really mean? With “all-natural” cigarettes and “organic” cheeseburgers on the market, does that mean you can smoke and eat fatty foods without any adverse health effects?…