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Stephanie Evans

Gardening Tips To Prepare for Winter

Winter gardening?!  Yes, it exists, and we’re here to inspire you to get prepared! We know you spend spring and summer reveling in that lush, fruitful garden, only to have October and its cold temperatures sweep in and dry everything out. But autumn doesn’t have to be the death of your hard work! We’ve got…

Stephanie Evans

Upcycling Projects for Outdoor Spaces

Your garden and outdoor spaces have likely looked the same for a long, long time. The idea of bringing in a landscaper or reworking the current outdoor design seems a bit too industrious (not to mention expensive). Is it possible to get an outdoor “facelift” without spending big bucks? We say yes! Scour your garage…

Stephanie Evans

Eco-Friendly Garden Pest Control

  You spent all summer tending your garden.  Now that fall is upon us, the last thing you want is an invasion of hungry insects ruining your hard work. The second to last thing you want is to keep all those pests at bay using harmful chemicals that cause environmental damage—not to mention the potential…