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Stephanie Evans

Difficult Days Ahead at COP21 Climate Summit

  In the first few days of the COP21 climate change summit in France, world leaders, politicians, and other environmental experts began their discussions on a worldwide agreement to combat global warming. Britain’s Prince Charles gave the keynote address and stressed that if serious changes are not made, the results will be dire. “By damaging…

Stephanie Evans

Climate Change Is Melting the Winter Olympics

This year’s Winter Olympics has had its share of issues, but it seems future games will have to deal with a problem more complicated than packs of stray dogs and unfinished hotel rooms. Climate change could very well cause a Winter Olympics melt down – with unprecedented consequences. Even before the Sochi games commenced, several…

Stephanie Evans

China and Climate Change: The Next Decade

In the past 24 years, more than 2,000 people have died in China due to extreme weather, including floods, droughts, typhoons and storms— all perilous products of climate change. Realizing the real dangers associated with global warming, China, the planet’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, recently developed a specific plan for adapting to climate change.…