Back-to-School Shopping — Think Green to Reduce Your Impact

It’s never too late to start making smart choices to ensure a greener life inside and outside the class room. According to Ethical Ocean, 80 percent of garbage generated by a school can be recycled or composted. You may not realize it, but you could be making quite the carbon footprint during the school year. From colored plastic notebooks and toxic art supplies to disposable paper bags and water bottles, the things that you use so effortlessly have a significant impact on the environment. The good news is that you can offset your waste by taking some simple eco-friendly steps to conserve energy, limit emissions and ultimately, protect the environment.

What can you do to make a difference this coming school year?

  • Purchase cardboard or fabric-covered binders
  • Avoid notebooks with metal spirals
  • Buy organizers that are made with harvested wood, metal or paper covers
  • Pack a lunch or snacks in a reusable container rather than plastic or paper bags
  • Donate your old textbooks
  • Buy PVC-free products and alternative materials
  • Walk, bike or carpool when possible
  • If you’re getting rid of old/used/worn/outdated electronics, be sure to dispose of them safely at a dedicated facility to prevent harmful toxins (such as mercury, lead and other heavy metals) from leaching into the ground.

Just Energy has partnered with Ecofitt, a well known supplier of quality conservation products that you can use in your home, residence or dorm. Whether you’re in need of energy efficient light bulbs, LED desk lamps, night-lights, shower heads, faucets or more, you’ll find a variety of products designed to be both energy and cost efficient. These simple alternatives can go far towards preserving our environment AND your pocketbook!


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