All I Want for Christmas Is A Lower Carbon Footprint, Part II

This season, we’d like to help you deck the halls… with eco-friendly décor! Yesterday (will link once posted), we covered some helpful information for a red and green (emphasis on the green) Christmas. Below, we’ve compiled a few more of our top tips!

Deck the halls:

These do-it-yourself decorations, centerpieces, and wreaths are made from recyclables. Not only do decorations made from recyclables help reduce carbon emissions, they’re perfect holiday projects for the whole family to enjoy!

Nature is always a wonderful source of inspiration during the holiday season!  For decorations around the home, consider using tree trimmings from your local organic or seasonal tree farm (or from your own trees) and gather pinecones outside and decorate with glitter and gems from your local craft store.


Do-it-yourself gifts not only allow you to recycle items, but they are also more affordable and much more personal! For the artistically inclined, decorated photo frames or handmade gifts are great, green options. Organic fruit baskets or other, organic snacks make great stocking stuffers, party favors and small gifts for friends and family.

Consider giving the gift of carbon offsets! Who wouldn’t want a lower carbon footprint under the tree this year? For more details on carbon credits explained, read more in our earlier entries.

As for gift-wrapping, check out these creative, lovely alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. Many of these materials can be found around the house! And when it’s time to open the gifts, do so carefully, in an effort to save and recycle the paper for future giftwrapping.

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