JustGreen Launches Business Advantage Program

JustGreen Launches Business Advantage Program

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - Toronto, ON

JustGreen® Launches Business Advantage Program

Dedicated to Carbon Offsetting and Slowing Global Warming


Toronto, Ontario, April 24, 2013- JustGreen, is pleased to announce the launch of JustGreen Business Advantage, a new green energy initiative designed to help businesses go carbon neutral and help slow global warming and climate change by pursuing renewable and sustainable energy solutions that support green energy projects across North America.

Select, Plus and Elite Options

With increasing environmental consciousness taking root at both the consumer and government level, businesses are being challenged to address their own environmental impact, including carbon emissions known to contribute to global warming and climate change. The JustGreen Business Advantage program, available at www.justgreencommunity.com/business-advantage, offers three participation levels - Select, Plus and Elite - each comprising a monthly membership plan tailored to assist companies of all sizes reduce their carbon footprint through investment in carbon offsets. Business Advantage members will benefit from a host of marketing assets designed to help them promote to employees and customers their commitment to environmental sustainability.

"We are excited to offer JustGreen Business Advantage as a carbon offset product for businesses large and small who desire a simple and effective solution to reduce and neutralize their carbon emissions in the battle against global warming", says GP Manalac, JustGreen Executive VP. "More and more, companies are noting the competitive advantage to be gained by environmental stewardship through enhanced corporate reputation among a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers."

Supporting Local Economic and Environmental Health

Through the program, participants have the option to allocate the carbon offsets to a green energy project that is meaningful to them, thereby supporting local communities and economies through job creation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Green projects include solar, hydro, wind power, and methane capture facilities. Third party verified, the carbon offset products meet the highest industry standards available.

What is a carbon footprint?

A 'carbon footprint' refers to the amount of carbon pollution created by an individual in a given period, usually measured in tonnes or pounds. The average person creates 48,488 pounds of carbon every year. That's equivalent to removing 110 trees or adding four more cars on the road during that same period.

On behalf of its customers, the company has invested over $70 Million on green energy projects to date. This investment has helped to:

  • offset over 1.23 million metric tons of carbon emissions - equivalent to taking 240,000 cars off the road for an entire year
  • generate 4 million MWh of renewable energy - enough electricity to power over 380,000 homes for an entire year

About JustGreen Lifestyle

JustGreen Lifestyle, www.justgreencommunity.com, is Just Energy Group's green energy initiative that can help us all work towards a cleaner planet by pursuing renewable and sustainable energy solutions that support green projects across North America. The Company's JustGreen Lifestyle products provide consumers and businesses with the ability to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday energy use through carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.

About Just Energy Group Inc.

Established in 1997, Just Energy (TSX:JE)(NYSE:JE) is primarily a competitive retailer of natural gas and electricity. With offices located across the United States, Canada and now the United Kingdom, Just Energy serves close to 2 million residential and commercial customers through a wide range of energy programs and home comfort services, including fixed-price or price-protected energy program contracts, the rental of water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners and the installation of solar panels. Just Energy Group Inc. is the parent to Amigo Energy, Commerce Energy, Hudson Energy, Hudson Energy Solar, National Home Services, Momentis, Tara Energy and Terra Grain Fuels. Visit www.justgreencommunity.com to learn more. Also, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.