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Commitment to Sustainability

Being a strong corporate citizen means that as a company we are committed to pursuing policies and practices that address social and environmental concerns, especially within the communities in which we live and work.


Our green energy options are driven by the global urgency to address climate change as well as the increase in consumer demand for more sustainable and renewable product and service options. Through our investment in renewable energy and carbon offset projects, we can provide our customers across North America with access to real and immediate solutions to reduce the negative environmental impact of their own daily, home or business-related energy consumption.

As a consumer of finished products, supplies and energy resources, we incorporate environmental impact and risk assessments in our business decisions. We are committed to:

  • Pursuing sustainable practices and setting standards to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Promoting awareness, accountability, and environmental responsibility among our employees, contractors, customers, business partners, the public and other stakeholders.
  • Providing industry leadership on green energy supply alternatives.
  • Supporting clean, renewable energy and carbon offset projects in the communities we serve.

Not only are we dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, we're also committed to setting the standard in the delivery of innovative and effective solutions for our customers. Our range of green energy options through our JustGreen™and JustClean™programs enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint and support renewable energy. 

Just Energy also donates green energy to Earth Rangers, a non-profit organization in Ontario that serves to increase environmental awareness among today's youth, and empowers kids to improve the health of our planet.