Compare Electricity Prices in Midland

With a motto of "Feel the energy," it only makes sense that Midland residents and businesses can compare electricity prices. Founded as a stopping point between Fort Worth and El Paso on the Texas and Pacific Railroad, Midland has since grown to one of the thirty most populous cities in Texas.

In 2002 Texas legislators deregulated the Oncor service area as well as several others. This separated the generation, supply and delivery of electricity. Now, whether you live or own a business in the area, you can shop for Midland electricity rates that fit your needs. No matter what provider you choose, Oncor will still take care of your local power lines and poles.

There are many Midland electricity rates to choose from

Before you shop for Midland electricity rates, it's important to understand your options. You cannot control Oncor's service fees, but you can compare electricity prices and find a rate you like.

If you want to pay the market supply price of electricity, a variable-rate plan may be best for you. Variable rates can rise and fall as often as once per month according to changes in the energy market. There are times when this rate may be low, but at other times it might be higher. High prices are more likely during summer heat waves when electricity demand peaks.

If you want to avoid monthly rate changes, fixed-rate electricity plans might suit you. With fixed-rate electricity plans, your monthly supply rate will stay the same for the length of your term. This could make budgeting easier, as you'll always know the per kilowatt hour cost of your electricity.

No matter what type of rates you prefer, Just Energy in Midland has a competitive product to offer. As one of the leading retail electricity and natural gas suppliers in North America, Just Energy offers alternative prices and supportive customer service.

Shop Just Energy in Midland for green options

If you've done any driving out on Interstate 20 recently, you've probably seen some large wind turbines. That's because Texas is one of the top producers of wind energy in the United States. This electricity is 100 percent renewable and free of greenhouse gases and pollutants. These wind farms also employ a lot of Texans.

Purchasing a green energy plan is a great way to support local jobs and protect the environment. With Just Energy in Midland, you can offset up to 100 percent of the carbon emissions of your business' or home's electricity use with a JustGreen product. While these products – in the form of renewable energy credits – don't deliver renewable electricity directly to your home, they do add more green energy into the larger Texas electrical grid. So when you call Just Energy, be sure to ask about renewable electricity!

Source: Updated: 4-30-14.

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