Shop Houston Electricity Rates for Competitive Offers

Houston and the energy industry have a long history together and with all these connections to energy, it makes sense that residents and business owners can shop and compare electricity prices. Twenty of Texas' top 50 publicly traded companies are Houston-based energy companies and several global oil companies have set up shop in the area.

Texas legislators deregulated the Houston electricity rates market in 2002. This means you can shop for electricity plans from competitive providers. When you compare electricity prices, you may find that Just Energy in Houston offers a plan that fits your needs.

No matter what provider you choose, CenterPoint Energy will still take care of your electricity lines and assist you during a power outage. There won't be any changes to how electricity reaches your home.

How do I get Just Energy in Houston?

When you shop for Houston electricity rates from Just Energy or any other provider, you will typically see a variety of rates and plans.

One of the popular options is variable-rate plans, which can rise and fall according to factors within the electricity market. With a variable-rate plan from Just Energy, you pay the market supply price of electricity and can take advantage of market lows. Of course, you also need to be prepared to pay higher supply prices when the market rate rises.

Another popular option is fixed-rate electricity plans. Just Energy offers plans that let you lock in a flat rate per kilowatt hour of use for supply for up to five years. With this type of plan, you'll always know your supply rate, which makes budgeting for energy bills a little easier.

Where are the best Houston electricity rates?

There's no cut-and-dry way to ensure you have the best available electric plan. However, you'll improve your chances of finding a competitive rate if you compare electricity prices.

Just Energy makes the entire shopping process quick and easy. You can enter your ZIP code to view the products available in your area or call in to have an energy advisor guide you to a plan that fits your energy needs.

Looking for a new career?

Just Energy in Houston offers more than competitive electricity options. Within the Just Energy family of companies, there are many different jobs for Houston residents. Whether you're looking to get your foot in the door or want a senior position at a large company with a history of supporting the local community, Just Energy may be looking for an employee just like you! Check out our careers page to stay updated on new opportunities!

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