Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview of Just Energy

  1. Who is Just Energy?
  2. Where can I find financial information about Just Energy?
  3. What markets does Just Energy service?
  4. Is Just Energy licensed?
  5. Can anyone sign up with Just Energy?
  6. Where can I learn more about Just Energy?

Just Energy in Saskatchewan

  1. Are you licensed to market natural gas and electricity in Saskatchewan?

Understanding Your Bill

  1. Will my natural gas bill be different if I sign on with Just Energy?
  2. Is Just Energy charging me for my supply only?
  3. Are there additional fees that my Utility may be charging me?
  4. How can I find out my current account balance or see my current bill?
  5. How much will I be charged if I end my contract early?
  6. Who do I contact for questions regarding my bill?
  7. Who do I contact if there are any emergencies or leaks with my commodity supply?

Paying Your Bill

  1. Where and how do I pay my energy bill?
  2. Does Just Energy use a collection agency?
  3. Does Just Energy offer 'budget billing' or a similar payment plan?

Service Transfer & Disconnection

  1. How can I transfer my Just Energy service to a new address?
  2. Can I transfer my service and have service at two addresses at the same time?
  3. Does transferring my service affect my contract?
  4. Will I have to pay a fee to transfer my service?
  5. How can I disconnect my Just Energy service?
  6. How do I change my Just Energy plan?
  7. What is Just Energy's mailing address for exit fees or documentation?

Energy Supply Plans & Green Energy

  1. What are some types of energy plans offered by retailers?
  2. What does Just Energy offer in Saskatchewan?
  3. What is green energy?
  4. Does Just Energy offer green energy plans?
  5. What green energy plans does Just Energy offer in Saskatchewan?
  6. How do I sign up for JustGreen™?
  7. Why should I buy green energy?

Regulatory Information

  1. Why does Just Energy require a Disclosure Statement to be signed as part of my energy contract?
  2. What is a Disclosure Statement?