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Energy is not always top-of-mind for most people. This section is dedicated to teaching you about some important aspects of the energy industry. 

Through our informative learning center, you will learn about where your energy comes from, how the market affects pricing and how the industry is regulated. Click on one of the sections below to get started!


What is deregulation and how does it affect you and your commodity usage?

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Price Volatility

Many factors impact your energy prices such as location, supply and competition.

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We all know that electricity powers our TVs, phones and lights. Do you know how it is generated and where it comes from? Read More

Natural Gas

Find out where natural gas comes from and how it is transported to your home to be used for your household heating and cooling needs.

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Glossary of Terms

A dictionary for all of your energy needs! Read More

Ever wonder how natural gas gets to your house?

Find out in Energy Explained

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