Your Organic Bar: Pouring Green and Sustainable Sippin’

Holiday Season = Parties.  The holiday season will soon be upon us and we think it’s best to keep with the Just Energy “Green” theme. We’d like to help you in the party department…our latest tip for the season:  a well-stocked, ORGANIC bar!

What exactly is organic alcohol? Made with ingredients grown only on organic farms and processed in distilleries, organic alcohol doesn’t contain any of the pesticides or fertilizers typically found in conventional liquors, beers and wines. These harmful chemicals – when frequently ingested – can actually increase the risk of cancer and other health problems and can pollute our planet, too. So think organic grapes, hops, barley, apples, wheat, etc. – all of the ingredients used in popular holiday liquors, ciders, and cocktails.

If you’re searching for organic alcohol on the store shelves, be sure to check for the proper certification labels that designate true organic origins, and not simply “natural” or creatively marketed products.

Consider purchasing from local vineyards or breweries. As mentioned in our “Eating Green: The Most Eco-Friendly Grub” blog entry, eating (and drinking) locally is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint! A trip to a local vineyard or microbrewery can make a wonderful holiday gift idea, too (hint hint).

The last step for your eco-friendly holiday bar: don’t forget to recycle! Almost all organic alcohol comes in easy-to-recycle (and sometimes, even refillable) containers.

Organic eggnog? We’ll toast to that!



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