Human Causes of Climate Change, Part I

Climate change. It’s a term thrown around in many conversations about global warming, the environment and sustainability. But what exactly is climate change, and how do we affect climate change as individuals and as a society? What are the human … Continue reading

Clean Green – Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

Is there anything quite as cathartic as spring cleaning? There’s something about tossing out all that old junk, giving the house a thorough scrubbing, and generally de-cluttering that lifts the weight of winter off our shoulders. Unfortunately, many of the … Continue reading

The “Green” Beauty Routine: Eco-Friendly Make-up and Skin Care

We’re taking “natural beauty” to a whole new level! Did you know that the average woman uses a dozen products (containing an average of 160 chemicals) every day – often all before breakfast?  Men use about half this amount – … Continue reading