Green Resolutions to Kick Start 2013:

As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to take out the pen and pencil (or, more likely, a smart phone or tablet) and start listing those New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolve to go green in 2013! Need some help getting started? Below are a few ideas to kick-start your brainstorming process:

Resolve to reduce your water consumption with shorter showers and greater awareness of water usage during daily activities, such as brushing your teeth, washing dishes, etc.

Make the pledge to eat green, and to eat more local and organic food.  These days, almost everything is available in organic form, from eggs to eggnog.

Talk with your family about keeping the thermostat set to a maximum of 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, and a minimum of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Plan an eco-friendly getaway or vacation for the whole family. Stay tuned for future posts, where we’ll be covering some of the best “green” vacation spots.

Pledge to spend more time outside and in nature. Find a hobby that the whole family can enjoy! This encourages your children to learn more about nature and appreciate the environment. Ideas include camping, hiking, outdoor sports, etc.

Unplug appliances when not in use. This is a fairly simple step, but it can make a big difference in your electric bill and efforts towards carbon neutrality!

Consider carbon offsetting by purchasing carbon emission credits in the New Year. Carbon offsets are one way to reduce your carbon footprint and harmful environmental impact.

Do you have additional suggestions for ways to live an eco-friendly, green and carbon neutral lifestyle in the upcoming New Year? We’d love to hear! Sound off in the comments, below.

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