Eco-Friendly Holiday Parties (Part II)

Ah, the holidays. Nothing brings out holiday cheer like the annual neighborhood get- together or office party! So, how to make this event a green endeavor?

We recently (will link once posted) covered our top five tips for throwing an eco-friendly holiday party. Find a few more of our top tips (tips #6 – #10), below:

6. Make your home festive with decorations you’ve already got around the house. Some ideas: Tall vases filled with old ornament baubles, curled wrapping paper strips, trimmings from the tree or strategically placed potted plants or flowers/holly.

7.  Seasonal, organic fruit can make a healthy party snack. Think cherries, cranberries, and fruits of other, festive colors! Buying local is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and also support the local economy during the holidays.

8. For serving, use washable dishware instead of disposable plates, cups, and silverware. Cleanup may take a little longer, but the environment will thank you!

9. Encourage your guests to recycle by placing recycling stations around the party or next to the garbage can. For a more decorative flair, consider recycled wrapping paper or use festive baskets as recycling bins.

10. Compost any leftover food or party snacks, if possible. Composting is a great way to achieve carbon neutrality! Find some tips on proper composting here.


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