Eco-Friendly Holiday Parties (Part I)

Hosting a ho-ho-hoedown this holiday season?

Make more than the decorations “green” this year, and throw an eco-friendly get together. Below, find some of our top tips for a holiday party that’ll have your carbon footprint on the “nice” list.

1. Invites: Take the 21st century route with your invitations and opt for e-vites or online invitations instead of traditional paper ones.

2. Hors d’Oeuvres: If you’re opting to have the event catered, do some research to find a green, local or organic catering company in your area.

If you’ll be cooking at home, try to utilize a smaller appliance, such as the microwave, instead of the oven or larger appliances. Consider appetizers that don’t require baking or cooking, such as these mini caprese salad skewers, for a more carbon neutral menu. A great site to keep in mind is RecycleBank, which offers discounts, coupons and rewards on organic and local food for shoppers who pledge to recycle.

3. Organic Snacks, Wines and Homemade, Organic Goodies: They make for fun party favorites!

4. Party Favors:  If you live in an area with the proper climate and growing conditions, giving away baby evergreen trees to plant in the backyard can be an adorable (and festive!) party favor!

5. The Entourage: Encourage guests to carpool – one of the best ways to reduce your carbon emissions while on the road.

Stay tuned later this week, when we’ll be covering a few more of our top tips.

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