Six Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

If you’ve jumped on the recycling bandwagon (and, for the sake of reducing your carbon footprint, we hope you have!), you’re probably well versed in the different types of metals, plastics and paper that are recyclable. Recycling doesn’t begin and … Continue reading

How Can You Make a Difference in 2013: Eco Friendly Lifestyle Choices

It’s 2013, and one of your resolutions is to dedicate yourself to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Hooray! The planet is already thanking you. An eco-friendly lifestyle goes beyond simply recycling, or even driving a hybrid car. Below, find a list … Continue reading

Work From Home? How Your At-Home Office Impacts Your Carbon Footprint

Have you noticed that the stereotypical “nine-to-five” workday is becoming increasingly rare? Chances are, you have a few friends or acquaintances who telecommute or work from home. Due to the Internet, technological advances, and increased methods of wireless communication, telecommuting … Continue reading