Extreme Green

If you’ve been following along with us here at Eco-Centric, you’ve learned some of the best beginner’s tips for going green, as well as some of the more inventive ways to live an eco-friendly life. As more and more concerned … Continue reading

‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’?

With more and more produce and products bearing health-wise labels such as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, here’s a bit of a primer on what the labels really mean. Organic produce is grown and processed without the use of genetic engineering, synthetic … Continue reading

Grillin’ Green: Your Eco-Friendly Summer BBQ

With Canada Day and the Fourth of July coming up, and the first official day of summer last week (June 20th), thousands of beachgoers, pool partiers and sun-lovers are breaking out the grills, brews, lemonade and BBQ gear. Planning on … Continue reading