Carbon Offsets – Carbon Footprint to Carbon Fingerprint, Part II

On Tuesday, we were discussing carbon offsets.  If you recall, offsets are purchased “credits” that go towards green initiatives, such as reforestation or solar/wind energy projects, and in turn, compensate for harmful carbon emissions.  See more details on Part I, Turn Your Carbon Footprint into a Carbon Fingerprint.

So now you’re thinking that you might want to give the “carbon offsets” idea some further thought? Read on…

Just Energy is excited to announce the launch of JustGreen Lifestyle, a green energy initiative designed to help consumers – like you – contribute to sustainability efforts all over North America. Check us out, log in and sign up to receive the latest news, events and updates! As a “thank you,” we’ll donate 500 lbs of carbon offsets on your behalf. That’s the equivalent of building four solar panels, or taking a car off the road for two weeks!  Read on, below, to get an idea of some of the projects we are working on with the help of your donated carbon offsets:

We are allocating the 500lbs of carbon offsets on your behalf to one of our North American landfill methane gas capture projects.  As garbage sits and decomposes, it creates and releases methane gas that is much more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2 alone.  These projects capture the methane gas, compress it and use it as recycled energy, thus removing all its harmful effects from the earth and atmosphere.  This recycled energy can be used for a variety of things, including fuel and power generation.

To view more of Just Energy’s local projects, click here.

Feeling inspired?  So are we!

Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint to a fingerprint!  And thank you in advance for your support. Together, we’re confident that we will create a cleaner, greener planet.

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